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Thread: Did google just remove the option to image search time date periods?

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    Bumping it...

    Still no way to use image search on DESKTOP computers on Google image search, with a custom range, it´s funny..since you can search "all" with a custom range, and if you upload an image, or if you search with the help of an image url, you can then choose a custom range, but you can not search directly in google image search with a text string and have a custom range, only last day, month and year.

    And I found this article where google after consideration decided to "retire that function" for mobile..but still having it in desktop, now that is no longer the seem to have been reitired in both platforms, pure idiocracy making it harder to define time range.

    The article...which is a bit old from 2016, so it may be of no surprise it also transcended to be retired on desktop computers.

    And this article may be of interest from 2019, it seems google retired this function around late august 2019..

    Or better yet the extract..covering just the retired custom date search and also the issues with size search..
    "Since then, Google Images — much like anything search-related Google does — has improved by leaps and bounds. Bolstered by any number of search filters, Google Images has long been the easiest way for users to find the exact type of photo they’re looking for.

    Recently, though, Google inexplicably implemented a few changes to the Google Images UI that actually makes finding specific photos far more challenging.

    Originally brought to light via the Google subreddit, users can no longer search for images posted in between two specific dates. What’s more, users cannot even search for photos for a time frame longer than a year. Unfortunately, Google’s most recent move is the latest in a string of curious design decisions that seem to complicate what should be a simple image search.

    Forbes adds:

    This is not the first set of filter buttons Google has removed from the image search engine this year: Last month, the company removed the ability for users to filter results by “minimum size,” “exact size,” and “full color.” These feature buttons, however, are still available in “advanced search.” Custom date range is not yet available as a button within advanced search.

    Of course, there are ways to manually search for what you’re looking for. As a quick example, if you’re looking for a 500×500 picture of Lebron James, you can type the following into Google Images: Lebron James imagesize:500×500. This, however, is clearly not a solution for average users and it remains unclear what Google is intending to achieve by seemingly removing features from its otherwise helpful search feature."

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    Custom Range is still available under > All
    Custom Range is not anymore available under > Images

    I tried searching All first with a date range, then switch to the Images tab,
    unfortunately it doesn't give good results. it actually gave me None.

    so,... the only way is by manually hunting in the All tab with a said date range.
    it will give you websites, these will have to be opened one by one, for then to hunt images.

    a much faster method tho, is to try to search images by using smarter more defined inputs like >
    SplineGod 2005 2006 2007
    SplineGod IKB IKBooster

    but, yeah, shame Google removed the option.  
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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    Custom Range is still available under > All
    Custom Range is not anymore available under > Images

    but, yeah, shame Google removed the option.  
    That´s what I said..

    And searching for some string with 2005,2006 isn´t what I need at all, it´s the very thing of not being able to set a range within 2-3 months, it´s either one month back or All stuff from a year back, and we all now how much can be posted in a whole year, and one month is too I can not say anythinge else about those who decided about this, it was a complete screw up...which also a lot of other people seem to think based on some comments and frustrations.

    There must be a better search string you could enter to make your own custom range search directly in the search field

    Edit..perhaps this...
    “clouds after:2019-11-27”

    And it seem to result in showing some of the latest hours of posting cloud imagery.

    “explosion after:2019-11-27” and you will get some of the imagery of the huge explosion in a chemical plant in texas. a search without situation character, it´s not will only get no results as a message, but also with just..
    explosion after:2019-11-27
    if you do a search like ...
    Site:no clouds , you will get all images of clouds posted within the norwegian domain.

    And this string will give you all images tagged with clouds posted on the norwegian domain since 2019-11-01, but it doesn´t necessarely mean you will get images of just clouds....
    site:no clouds after:2019-11-01

    If you do the search strings in google images that is, and a funny note is that the string doesn´t mean no clouds after 2019-11-01

    have to figure out the correct string to set for inbetween dates, but not now when I got to go to bed...maybe someone else can do the work for me while I sleep

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    Cant search by size neither now, its just small medium and large and thats it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnMarchant View Post
    Cant search by size neither now, its just small medium and large and thats it.
    Yes, but that has been like that since I posted the thread for the size as well, you could go to settings and use advanced search and get a bit more options like 640x480,800x600,1024x768 etc...But, from the advanced settings you can not set any date at all.

    It´s freakin ubelievable how they have managed to screw things up, And I just don´t understand it, since searching for a custom range of time can be done if you search with a specific image, or just in google search.
    They also removed the size description in the resulting thumnail images, so you could directly see what size a certain thumbnail image has, now you have to hover over it to see it.

    I recall how Google bought picasa I think, one of the better search engines for albums...shut it down, implemented google plus..which had a less efficient result of album pages, then they shut that down and only have google photos left, which is even worse now than google plus if you try to search everyones albums, seems it can not be done unlike google plus and picasaweb.

    Either it must be something about privacy, or they simply have lousy google IT staff handling this, and taking weird decisions.

    I think you could use almost the same search strings as you do with custom date range...but change to "size" instead of "after" with colon characters to narrow the sizes down, this seem to yield back results of cloud imagery over the input size, like...

    clouds size:1024x768

    But sad they removed the setting option "show size"..You could by that option much easier and faster find the size you needed, now you have to skim through each and every image with mouse hovering to see what size the image is.

    Edit...that search string isn´t perfect, it will still result in some images lower than the specific size it seems, you get mostly sizes equal or above the size input, then occasionally some smaller ones..but it´s a little bit better than just searching for clouds.

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    yep, one more reason to use scripts, since these services can tend to act strange.

    in autohotkey the code could look like this >

    SetTitleMatchMode, 2
    #IfWinActive Firefox

    :*:ccc1::clouds size:1024x768
    :*:ccc2::clouds size:1920x1080
    the code would make typing ccc1 in the search field return a cloud size of 1024x768.
    however (!) i notice that google returns additional sizes in the mix. strange, it being a big company like Google.  

    (Bing = same stuff)

    more info >
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