If recordings are critical to your workflow, and it sounds like they definitely are, an external recorder might be a good solution either as backup or main recording. There are plenty of devices that record an .mp4 either to an SD card or USB drive/thumb drive from an HDMI source (SDI to HDMI converter is cheap if needed).

Many stand-alone HDMI to .mp4 recorders available in the $100 range, for instance Elgato or Avermedia brands. Really meant to record gaming from a computer but should work with any HDMI source. On the higher end, a lot of the streaming encoder boxes like Matrox Monarch also RECORD to SD card/USB. The new Magewell UltraStream does both web streaming and recording to USB, available with HDMI or SDI input. Probably the most reasonably priced of streaming encoder/recorder boxes. Using an external stream encoder takes a big processing load off TriCaster for extended events.