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Thread: Sync / Bitrate issue

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    Sync / Bitrate issue

    Hi Guys, Wonder if you can help me. I am streaming using TriCaster mini. I was using ADV2 and upgraded to ADV 3.
    Since upgrading, i notice a sync issue that appears during the broadcast. All starts off well, but then the video and audio drift out of sync.
    Can anyone tell me if this is a setting in the Encoder Confit that I may have wrong.
    I am streaming at 1280 x 720, H.264 Basline Profile, Bitrate 2500 and 25 fps. Audio is set at 128kbps.

    Im baffled as never had this problem before and wondering if there's something I'm missing?
    Can you guys offer your help or advice.


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    If you local archive the stream, does that show any sync issues with playback?

    When you watched the stream, did you try more than one computer to see if there was a sync issue on all them?
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