Hello everyone, been a while since I checked in here at the Lightwave forums.

It is great to see Lightwave didn't die and begin to have regular updates and releases again.

A while back I joined an Silicon Graphic community (NekoChan) to maintain the old Irix machines from the mid 90s to early 2000s.

I have an Octane and O2.

That community died off and a new one sprung out called Irix network. I have been making videos of the older Vfx software that used to run on Irix.

There was a small window where Lightwave ran on them and I did a little video on it recently. I am not looking for subscribes or likes or anything as I am not trying to promote the channel as it is something I do here and there when I have time....

...but.. I thought some here might want to take a peek at an old Lightwave version in action as well as see it on a rare OS as Irix.

Great to see Giger, Jwiede, Prometheus, Cageman, Fez, Greenlaw, Lightwolf, Maurocor, Lewis, Erikals, JasonWestmas, WyattHarris, Dodgy, and others still lighting up these old halls. Sbowie still here keeping people civilized too?

Anyways, check out the old 5.6 Lightwave if you want.


There are some Softimage 3d, Maya, and Houdini vids there as well if you care to see them.

Casey C Benn.