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Thread: Audio Channels in the Mixer on a TC1 not showing meter level

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    Audio Channels in the Mixer on a TC1 not showing meter level

    I have a question about the Audio channels in the mixer on the TC1.

    I am using an NC1IO to send multiple mic channels from a remote location back to a TC1. In the mixer I can select the "video input" that these audio channels are transported on. For example when setting up the input on a mixer channel I can select video source one from the NC1IO, then I can turn up and down the faders for the four channels of audio that signal carries. Because I want to have a fader for each mic going to the Tricaster, I have turned down all but one of the four channels. That way mixer channel 1 has video 1 audio channel 1, mixer channel 2 has video 1 audio channel 2, mixer channel 3 has video channel 1 audio channel 3, and so on. The issue I am having is that the main mixer page only shows channels 1 or 2 (of the video source) on the audio meter. The audio from channels 3 or 4 is there, but it is not reflected on the meter itself. Does that make sense? Is there a way to fix this?



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    The main audio mixer interface shows the first two audio channels per input. You can see all audio channels in the matching multiview window or by clicking on the gear of the input. I get that isn't exactly what you are asking for, but they are the methods to see these channels.

    Another question is if you can connect audio channels 3 and 4 on the NC1IO into another input as 1 and 2. Then use the audio from that input, you can pull audio by itself via NDI. Just an idea on a possible workaround.

    I'd recommend putting in a Fogbugz case for this.
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    Can't try this myself at the moment, but what if you use the Matrix Audio Routing to move 3-4 IN to 1-2 OUT? Ultimately, by default IN 3-4 go to OUT 3-4 so if you are recording/streaming/broadcasting as Stereo (1-2) then channels 3-4 may not even be present on output...maybe I'm not understanding the workflow though.

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    He is looking to see the sources in the audio mixer. You can route them to outputs and you will see them on Master or AUX1 thru 3, but he is looking for meters to adjust the source levels.

    I don't disagree with what he is asking for. Filing a bug report is the best way to get this information to the developers.
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