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Thread: Valve Knuckles / Index Controllers for finger mocap

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    Valve Knuckles / Index Controllers for finger mocap


    I'm adding finger tracking to Glycon for finger tracking, and I thought I'd look for feedback. Farther down the page are links to the free demo. Suggestions welcome and encouraged.

    Glycon for Windows (SteamVR) Demo

    Glycon for Mac (SteamVR) Demo

    Glycon for Oculus Rift Demo


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    A good setup for the fingers might be to clamp the sensor's values and make it so that the fingers can have 1 of 3 possible poses, as the default setup has issues if the user wants the hands to look like they are at rest.

    So, if the user is squeezing the grip, then make a fist. If they aren't but are still "gripping" the controller relax the hand, and if the fingers aren't touching the sensors at all open the hand.
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