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I'll try and get the thread on track. I thought Terrence's insights were good for LW. He's a valuable asset to the community and maybe he'll mention LW more in his future blogs.
I agree. The fact that Terrence put his hand in his pocket and bought the latest version of LW3D after spending a fair bit of time away from it says to me that (for NPR projects at least) some of LW's new toolsets have caught the attention of the professional animation artist.

Who knows, if he gives positive feedback on it's performance it may permeate into the news outlets and help raise the profile of LightWave once again.

Even if he critiques it, I would hope that it would be a balanced negative to positive ratio.

Personally, I'm really impressed with the leap in changes and additions from 2015 to 20119. I find the new overhaul extremely efficient in a lot of areas. Given how long Terrence has been away from LW it's going to be interesting to see hear his thoughts.