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Thread: AE2 Exporting H.264 export problem

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    Exclamation AE2 Exporting H.264 export problem

    We are having 'glitch' problems with H.264 files exported from Tricaster Adv. Ed. 2 (via an 8000).
    The exported files are appearing with 'pixelation' errors, and thumbnail display errors when imported into the 'timeline' in Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere 2018.
    In FCP, the video layer appears as Green (which reminds us of an error when Sony EX Cam media first rolled out), and when we shuttle over the clip the Viewer window displays artefacts, blocking, green etc.
    There is a similar problem in Premiere.

    ProRes files export fine from Tricaster, but the H.264 settings are currently no good.
    They do play from Desktop via Quicktime, although it doesn't like shuttle or jumping further down runtime and playing, this will result in a temp pixel error before QT catches up and resumes playback.

    Would really appreciate any thoughts on this.
    Many Thanks.

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    I know there are other threads about the green in final cut. This one might help.

    I pull the native recored files from the Tricaster into Premiere with no issue.
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