My 460 started running slow yesterday where the UI reacts normally for a while and will intermittently not respond to a mouse click and a macro missed a command during a live show. Shutting down the session to Windows takes much longer than normal. It runs fine for a while after a session restart. I'm running AE2 version 190425 and had support confirm I'm running a good Nvidia driver version.

I didn't see anything abnormal in the session log, but noticed a couple of potential Windows anomalies that I'd like to check with the community.
I'm seeing an info message in the Windows System log about "Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar" service starting. Google says this is a Microsoft implementation of Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) protocol. There were a couple of tcpip errors just before and after this service started. It's set to manual start in services. Wondering if anyone else has this service started on their AE2 system?

The next anomalie is in msconfig. The first startup entry description is "Microsoft (R symbol) Windows (R symbol) Operating System" that runs regsvr /s mqrt.dll. Seems really suspicious to me. Does anyone else have this service listed in their msconfig startup tab?