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Thread: MDD Playback Eat UP Harddrive Space

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    MDD Playback Eat UP Harddrive Space

    Can anyone tell me if playing a large MDD file with multiple characters will take up one's hard drive space?? Something is, so I'm trying to find out what. thanks

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    Which mdd player are you using?
    The built-in one, as I recall, loads the whole file into memory while Dpont's loads the file frame-by-frame.

    Dunno if this is the problem but something to check, particularly if you have multiple mdds in the scene.

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    Using the built in one. Thanks

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    If it does load the file into memory, would there be some data written to the hard drive somewhere? Seems to be the case since I see my memory being eaten up and I can't find out where its going!!

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    If you are playing back multiple mdds and it's over your available ram then its caching lots of ram. (I know you know...just saying it ...)
    You say, "...where its going!" - it's going to be in a temp folder or some such; if you mean where its coming from - I, too, am curious at this point.
    VDBs were the last thing to randomly spew stuff to my harddrive.

    I would say, put this into the bug system, if you haven't already.

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    OK, In the meantime, I'm trying to use Denis Pontonier's mdd plugin. 1st question is: does it read the md scan that I already have, cause I"m not getting anywhere with the mdd player? 2nd question: If not, what steps do I follow to scan and play the animation with his plugin? thanks again. BTW. Lately, the MDD player has been crashing when I play a walkcycle for example. Its only been doing that lately, which is strange.
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