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Thread: Updated Automation & Integration Guide?

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    Question Updated Automation & Integration Guide?


    We are hoping to connect a OES ISC-9000 scoreboard controller to a TriCaster with Advanced Edition. It's primarily for hockey.

    Is there an updated version of the NewTek Automation & Integration Guide available? The currently-available version is Fall 2018.

    We have been told that some hockey integration for this scoreboard controller has been added, but we can't find a list of all the %key names% and whether all scoreboard data is available to DataLink. We are particularly interested in the hockey-specific data, such as penalty box time, shots on goal, etc.

    At the least, does anyone have a list of key names when running DataLink / OES / hockey?
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    There is an open Fogbugz case (91072) on this; I've just 'bumped' it to see whether there's been any progress.
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