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Thread: LW 11.6.1 Crashing with older models

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    LW 11.6.1 Crashing with older models

    I wonder if anyone else has seen this...every time I open models I made a while back, LW Layout crashes when I try to render.
    In Modeler, the objects open normally, and if I copy and paste into another layer, all is fine. If I open a new object and paste crashes...every time.
    Any ideas ???

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    You don't mention it here but your previous posts suggest Mac. There have been some reported incompatibilities between older LW and newer Mac OS.

    As a basic troubleshooting step, have you checked this behavior as a new user on the system? A new user will work from its own unique configuration files. If the new user functions properly, you can probably assume you need to refresh your config files on the original user account.
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