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Thread: Tricaster TCXD850 CS Update

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    Tricaster TCXD850 CS Update

    Good, I want to make an inquiry for the Tricaster TCXD850 CS Update, the last update is that of 2013.
    Since I have the following problem, I was transmitting on Facebook until the configurations and the Stream configuration window were updated, I remain old to the requirements that they ask me.

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    You may need to switch to an external hardware streaming encoder and not rely on TriCaster for streaming any longer. Some encoders have an SDI input, others HDMI and some both. Pricing varies from < $400 to $995.

    Some even allow recording an .mp4 file to USB or SD card as backup.

    Check these examples -

    Magewell Ultra Stream HDMI $360

    Cerevo LiveShell PRO

    DataVideo NVS-25 streaming encoder

    Matrox Monarch

    Osprey Talon

    If the encoder only has HDMI input, you can get an SDI to HDMI converter for $40-50. Of course, when looking at encoders, make sure that it has been updated to encode RTMPS that Facebook requires


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