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Your findings seem to be in line with what tech support told me originally "that it is a firewall issue" The only software firewall I have is the Windows one so I'm going to keep it on for now. Microsoft must have made some changes to how the firewall works in 1903 to be causing these issues with so many users.

Not sure about your Modeler config problem but be sure to set " run as administrator" for Modeler and maybe that will solve it.
Well, there's another twist to this issue that may point to a memory issue. I found that clicking the Modeler button in Layout, editing an object, then saving it in Modeler, not only does the object not update in Layout, but if you manually load a second copy of the object, Layout loads the old (cached?) version. If I remove all copies of the object in Layout then load a fresh copy, it loads the updated object saved from Modeler. I submitted this as a bug report. Hopefully they can squash this pesky bug soon.