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Thread: Video files not syncing in Premiere Pro CC

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    OK, Update. I started a new project, and now I have the audio running directly into the Tricaster and recording to record out and Camera 1 ISO. I loaded the output file, and the cam 1 and cam 3 ISO files into premiere. I used the Output as a master and lined up the start of each file. Cam1 was a 10 frames shorter and camera 2 was a 8 frames longer than the output file. Using the rate stretch tool, I made 1 and 3 match the output file. All three now line up properly and appear to be in sync. Looking at the source timecode on each file, they were in sync until I used the rate stretch tool.

    Is this normal for everyone else?

    I record special events regularly with a ATEM switcher and three Panasonic cameras. We record the master switched on an atomos ninja and ISO all three cameras with there own memory cards. These files can get off maybe 1 or 2 frames with a 2-3 hour recording, but the files I am recording on this tricaster are getting off by up to 20 frames in 1 hour of video.

    Here is a detail of the way it is all wired:

    Tricaster Mini HD-4
    2 JVC GY-HM70 cameras with HDMI-SDI converters and SDI-HDMI on the other end for Tricaster.
    1 Panasonic AW-HN130 PTZ with an SDI-HDMI Converter on the Tricaster end.

    The cable lengths are about 150' for the JVC cameras and 100' for the Panasonic.

    Both of the JVC cameras were reset to Factory default when I hooked them up so they have the same settings. They are the two that are off from each other in Premiere...

    Sorry for the long windedness, but I want to be accurate for any help I can get.
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