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Thread: Offseting characters animation time with instancing

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    Offseting characters animation time with instancing

    Can anyone help me and tell me if it is possible to offset character animation with instancing. I have selected the null in which the character bones from mixamo and person object sit. I've set the instances to Parent and set the time offset to 1 and time scale to 10%. All the instances are animating at the same time. what am I missing ? Thanks

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    You're missing nothing, it cant be done.

    Only option is to have multiple copies of the actual character setup, time offset those from each other, and create instances of each.
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    Thanks RH for the quick response saves me from messing with it, that's a shame would save so much time with this feature. I shall begin offsetting : )

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    DP instance >

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    Thanks Erikals I'll give it go although I'm using Octane to render which I new had a few issues with in the past.

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    No problem. If you go with Octane, you'll have to use the RH method, since Octane can't see DP instance.
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    Thanks Erikals, yes just done a test looks like I'll have to do what RH said but thank for the input.

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    This sounds like something they definitely need to add to instancing. I haven't previously had a use for it, but I could see needing it at some point.

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    a place

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    HD instance was cool. I think it stopped at LW10 and 32bit.
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