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Thread: AE3 Stream/encode/record H264

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    AE3 Stream/encode/record H264

    Hi everyone, I have just upgraded to AE3 (after second attempt) and whilst it has some interesting new features one thing I think is a backward step (for me at any rate) is moving the Mp4. H264 record settings to the Stream/encode blue button.

    I have a tricaster 410 + 5 camera PTZ with main camera a new tek PTZ1 over NDI and a ptz optics over NDI and three other Ptz optics over sdi. I stream/record over weekends around 10.30am to around 5.30pm and produces around three to four sessions a day, I try to make it as immersive for on line students as I can so leave the stream running all day and with AE2 could switch the recording on and off between each session accordingly using the red record button recording to H264.

    But now with the H264. record feature moving to the stream/encode button I have to physically cut the stream to stop and start the recording. At first I thought there must be a work around for this but I have contacted support and they confirmed it appears to be the case that you have to stop and start the stream to record to mp4. H264.

    I don't particularly want to go back to recording in the mov. file and rendering down again as this takes forever with 7-8 sessions to render down. I also have the added scenario of having 40 or so online students all chiming in on the chat box to ask why the stream has been cut or why it's been interrupted!

    So my question is what are the chances of moving the H264. feature back to where it belongs to the RED RECORD BUTTON?

    Another problem is before in AE2 the files would be ordered in the clips folder 1-2-3-4 etc. in sequence of recording but now I think they have to be physically renamed in the stream/encode settings otherwise each session would come up with the same file name.

    What do you think?

    Regards Geoff

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    Hi Geoff,

    Perhaps switch to an external H.264 recorder? There are a lot on the market, really aimed at those that wish to record their gaming sessions. HDMI input and records .mp4 to SD card or USB, many inexpensive models available. Might be more convenient in the end as media will be portable.

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    I have the same issue with that design. We stream sporting events all day to one live location without interruption, but need to record each game from only the start of the game to the end of the game as H.264. No problem on the older TriCasters, but the move to record using the stream/encode button makes that not a viable option. If the stream/encode buttons was split into two buttons with one for each encoder, that would solve the problem. Perhaps with a little "chain link" between the buttons to be able to link the together by default. That would match the current workflow, but people who need to stream constantly and do separate recordings could break the link and run the encoders separately.

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