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Thread: Weird shrink-wrap-looking effect in render

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    Weird shrink-wrap-looking effect in render

    I'm not doing anything unusual here, and my render settings are low-ish, but nothing crazy. I don't know why I'm getting the effect you see all across the floor object, and possibly hitting the metal cubes as well.

    Um... I can't upload pics to the forum?

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    To avoid potential virus issues, the LW forum tool only accepts certain types of images or movies for upload. If you press "Go Advanced" and scroll down to see the "Manage Attachements" button, it shows the valid file extentions under the button.

    I always use JPG for images and MOV files for animations:

    Valid file extensions: 7z bmp dae doc fbx gif jpe jpeg jpg lwo lws m4v mov pdf png psd rar swf txt zip
    Also, the forum tool has a size limitation of somewhere around 8-9MB, but that shouldn't be relevant for an image upload.


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