We have TriCaster Mini Adv Edition 2.0 version 5-1-181220. It configured to stream the RTSP output to one local streaming engine (Wowza), and it was working for 6 weeks. It stopped working after the TriCaster upgrade to version 5-1-190424, basically, it starts for one second, then half for few seconds then change the stream push button state back to no streaming state. We roll back the installation to 5-1-181220, but it is not working on the 5-1-181220. RTMP streaming is working to the same destination but RTSP is not running more than 1 second and I could not find any packet traffic from TriCaster when I start the RTSP stream output. We used the custom streaming profile on stream gear icon to configure the remote connection setting . Any idea what could be the issue?