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Thread: NDI Impressions from the Panasonic AG-CX350?

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    NDI Impressions from the Panasonic AG-CX350?

    Hi, currently looking at the Panasonic AG-CX350 and wondering if anyone here has any experience with using the built in NDI on this camera? Seems like a very attractive feature to have, in addition to the fact that the HDMI and the SDI can output simultaneously (among other stuff).

    Would love your thoughts on the NDI implementation (as well as the camera in general!). We use a TC1 in studio but would also probably use the camera for mobile streaming/shoots via OBS.


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    I just purchased the CX350 and am still learning, so just a quick comment. NDI does work. Panasonic provides several output presets, but its(unsurprisingly) limited compared to the Spark, but certainly usable. My issue is it appears you cannot record when using NDI. When I looked in the manual before purchasing, several presets are listed as compatible with NDI for recording, but after trying it this morning with no success, I scoured deeper into the manual and found a contradicting note stating recording, IP control and WLAN are NOT supported with NDI enabled. I don't care about IP control an WLAN, but no recording support is surprising. I'm going to dig a bit deeper...maybe I'm missing something.

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    Are you saying you cannot record in camera (to SD card) if NDI output is enabled? If so, that's a huge negative.
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