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Thread: Freeze particles

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    Professionals keep the best tricks to themselves.

    Quite understandable. No one in other industries share as much info with others as 3D artists.

    I politely ask for info. But I more than understand if the person wants to keep the best tricks to himself.
    Ya, well, 90% of that group ended up getting hired by Newtek, so with NDA's and such ...

    Us mere mortal users could only press our noses up against the toy store window, ya know?
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    I downloaded the DP Kit but it crashes Layout whenever I try to open my scene file (in fact, I'm afraid the scene file is now corrupted so I'm glad I followed the advice and made a backup before trying this!). I'm using LW 2019 volumetrics so I don't think the second suggestion (which involves HyperVoxels) will work either.

    I feel like there has to be a simpler way to do this. I'm also trying to freeze the particles in one of my FX_Emitters. In my case, this is a dust cloud in space that I want to fly around and through with the camera. FX_Emitter supplies the particles, and a "Volumetric" type of null supplies the dust. The particles are all born in frame 1 and rapidly expand (thanks to "Explosion") out to the size/shape I want for the cloud. Once the cloud is where I want it, I want it to freeze the particles for the duration of the scene (I won't be pointing the camera at the cloud until it reaches the "freeze frame" and is fully-cooked).

    I sense there has to be an easier way to do this besides all of this trial and error experimentation to get FX_Emitter to generate particles the way I want, but it's been over a decade since I used LightWave's particle system and searching for what I thought would be the answer (just create a point cloud and convert the points to particles) doesn't seem to be possible in LW 2019. Any suggestions gratefully accepted!

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    I don't know if it'll work for you, but in LW2019 you could create a geometric point cloud with the same number of points as your Emitter. Then use Nodal Displacement with a ParticleInfo node to move each point in the point cloud to the position of each particle at whatever frame is appropriate.

    In Modeler, create the geometry point cloud object:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	00_CreateGeometricPointCloud.jpg 
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Size:	802.3 KB 
ID:	146710

    The initial position of the points is irrelevant since their position will be set by the Nodal Displacement node network. You can add 1-point polygons and Luxigons if you want Lens Flares on some of the stars.

    Once the point cloud is in Layout, add Nodal Displacement to the modifier stack, open the node editor and add the ParticleInfo node. Set it up for the correct Emitter and be sure it's set to Point Index mode.

    Set the Displacement output node to "Set" mode and leave it at World Coordinates:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	01_NodalDisplacement_PointCloudToEmitter.jpg 
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    Calculate the Emitter to the frame where you want to freeze the particles. The points of the geometric point cloud will be at the particle positions.

    Finally, use Save Transformed Object to save the geometric point cloud as displaced by the emitter particles. If you actually need particles (which you probably will for LW2019 Volumetrics), then set up the displaced point cloud as an Emitter, emit all the particles at Frame 0 but no Explosion and they'll be at the position of the displaced particles.

    Good luck!
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    Oh my, thank you! This is a lot of detailed steps for two beers past 1 AM so I'll tackle this tomorrow after some pesky-but-much-needed sleep. Will report back on my results. Thanks!

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    To note, in order to freeze a particle emitter to save out as point cloud, it has to be created as a partigon emitter first, any hv emitter will not be able to be freezed..
    UNLESS you use the particle2partigon command, in such case you just select the particle emitter and run that command to convert it to a partigon emitter..and after that you can save the point cloud with save tran object at any frame, the particle3partigon command is hidden, you have to search for it in the menu and add it to your own button and menu.

    Not sure of that was of value since you discussed displacement points here, just to add what can be done anyway...but since LW 2019 volumetrics can not be applied to points anymore, I do not see that as an option?
    Thinking saving out the particle emitter to pfx is what to be done, and reload and that should allow for freezing particles in time..without the need of an actual point cloud.

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