Thought I might try this forum, there must be something I can do, even back to AE2 must be an option.

Okay so we upgraded our TCXD410 with 450CS to AE3 and I have a couple of issues I can't seem to resolve so was hoping to get a little help in here.

When I load an old session (before AE3 upgrade) I get PTZ control on all my cameras (provided I have Follow PVW and Virtual Zoom depressed).

Any new session I have created since the upgrade I can only access PTZ1 - any ideas?

I am also having the audio sync problems people have mentioned, files I steam to YouTube and encode locally using the new features are about 5 frames out, in fact files encoded locally are completely useless when opened in Adobe PP. I have to run them through Handbrake first to get the audio in sync