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Thread: Recommended network setup for TC1/NC1

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    Recommended network setup for TC1/NC1

    Hi, we work for a client who has just had a new TC1 with NC1 and TC1LP installed.

    The engineers who installed it have set the TC1 and NC1 with IP addresses in the 192.168.10.x range and have patched the left-most Ethernet ports (looking at the rear panel) back-to-back. For the TC1LP they have connected the TC1 right-most Ethernet port to a switch and have connected the TC1LP to the same switch. The TC1 has given itself an Automatic Private IP address in the 169.254.x.x range on that Ethernet port - and I guess the TC1LP has given itself a different self-assigned address on the same network because the TC1 and TC1LP can communicate with each other.

    We had an issue on the weekend, where our operator, on starting the TC1 and NC1 discovered that the NC1 had lost it's fixed IP address so was no longer visible to the TC1. The issue was resolved by an engineer re-assigning a 192.168.10.x address to the NC1.

    I've had a look at the TC1 and NC1 manuals but the guidance on networking they provide is sketchy.

    My questions are:

    - has anyone else had issues with NC1s losing their static IP addresses? Looking online it seems that some Windows 10 updates may cause that

    - are there any issues with the above direct-TC1-to-NC1-no-router-in-the-middle setup?

    - is there a recommended network config for a TC1/NC1 setup? Should, for example, both interfaces on both machines be assigned IP addresses on the same network or should different networks be used?

    - if all 4 Ethernet interfaces are assigned IP addresses on the same network, will the TC1 figure out it should use the 10 GB Ethernet port to connect to the NC1?

    - is it the left-most ports that are 10 GB?

    - has anyone else had issues with an NC1 losing its fixed IP address?

    The TC1 is running 7-0-190130C nd the NC1 is running 181227.

    regards, Scott
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    Leaving your TC1 and TC1LP to use the Windows auto-assigned addressing is poor practice.

    Just connect one port on everything to a switch and then connect a router that will supply DHCP and set it all to auto (or use a combo device).

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    There is no 10Gb port on the TC1, but on the VMC1 only.

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    Both the TriCaster and the NC1 are several versions out of date. I would highly recommend that you download the latest versions of software from The latest TC1 update will require that you also upgrade the NVIDIA GPU driver. I have never seen an NC1 lose a staticly set IP Address, that being said if you have Windows updates pending all bets are off. I highly recommend you schedule Windows updates for your off production hours and allow it to reboot the systems. If this were my rig I would plug both nics on the NC1 and both Nics on the TC1 into the same switch with static IPs. Our support team can assist you in setting a static IP on your control surface.
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