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Thread: Touchscreen Setup - Tricaster Mini w/ AE3

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    Touchscreen Setup - Tricaster Mini w/ AE3

    Hello Community!
    I just finished upgrading an older Tricaster Mini to AE3 for use with our new Newtek NDI Cameras. We've also purchased a Dell Touchscreen Monitor, and have loaded the proper Win 7 drivers. I'm not seeing anything in the Windows control panels about "Touch" or "Tablet", and couldn't find anything in the Tricaster Manual contents about setting up a touch screen. Any thoughts?

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    Hi Evan,

    Are you saying that after installing the Dell touchscreen drivers on the TriCaster, and connecting USB cable from Dell to Mini, that the Dell does not work in Windows or TriCaster interface at all? Do you have another PC you can use just to test the Dell? I've not installed a touchscreen myself, but looking online the USB connection is important but seems that "it should just work" once connected. Like connecting a mouse.

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    Hi Jeff,
    After more research, it looks like the version on Win 7 on our Mini does NOT have the needed touch utility. I went to "turn programs on/off and it wasn't there. Does not seem to be available from Microsoft. I'll keep noodling... Thanks for checking in!

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    The Win7 install on older TC's isn't any of the standard releases, if I remember correctly. Noodle at your own risk!
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    Yeah, that seems to be the case. I think we'll leave it alone - I searched for a separate download for the TS utility, and came up with nothing that gave me confidence.

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    I talked to QA about this and they said their own experiments with this were unproductive.
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    Thanks, it's all good... Cheers!


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