Figured this a better place for my earlier thread.

Between the Point Ten update and my Pitt-Bull-With-Roadkill tenacity, I've overcome a number of road blocks / short comings of exporting assets primarily from Daz via a several of its export options. It's just glorified kit-bashing & remodeling or making new where needed really.

This scene though sorta took on a life of it's own and in doing so really helped flesh out a number of issues, several of them pilot induced, but piss poor documentation in ALL the apps involved contributed to that a great deal more.

This scene started with a "well, what can I do with this set." Didn't even know if the place even existed (it does), and initially thought it on the Mediterranean Sea instead of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva). Totally different water, something I need to revisit at a later date. Turns out I was only 4 miles from Yvoire during a time of my deliberately misspent youth, & never knew it, on the opposite side of the lake in Nyon.

The ship is one I've had forever & never really looked at it thinking it just a simple object, mostly good for bg use. Turns out it's rigged with sail options, although I had to edit the morphs. And why a frigate would be on a lake is only because it looks like it should be. This is the Licorne which you might recognize if you follow Tin-Tin.

I asked my brother (who teaches sailing) what a ship like this would do in a becalmed situation to set out to sea. "Well, they'd used their longboats & tow out". OK, no problem. I've some long boats & rigged rope, and ... Wait a moment. Two boats with at least seven unique crew members each!!! Nope. Ship is now anchored & they're taking the Captain into town.

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... more to come.