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Thread: How to handle intersection of 3 cylinders

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    How to handle intersection of 3 cylinders

    I have LW 2018 and in a model I have 3 cylinders. All are same dimensions (x,y,z) and are in a Y formation. Refer to screenshot Cylinders1.

    In screenshot Cylinders2, I have two layers visible and am zoomed in, in the Perspective view.

    How do I get rid of the inside polygon pieces? I have tried different Boolean functions, with one foreground layer, one background layer, and those tries didn't work as expected.

    In Cylinders2, it seems like if I add points at the intersection of the edges, then make polygons, I could delete the polygons that are on the inside.

    I would like a suggestion on which Modeler tool to use.


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    Only manual knifing/deleting/welding points is gonna be perfect solution, boolean is problem in this case and will leave lot of "junk" geometry.
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    Solid Drill and then a lot of welding and deleting leftover geometry. I'm not sure what you are making but if you use SubD's you cam reduce the number of sides on your cylinders and save yourself a lot of work. See attached - 4min effort.
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    Thank you both for the replies. Tim, I looked at your model and see what you mean.

    I will try those suggestions.

    This is a scientific model of a neutron, it's part of a set of stills for a book. It's all done, except the last render I did, that Y intersection looked a bit weird.



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