One of the replay views I use is an ME with the replay and live action in a PIP. At the moment we use a stinger to transition in and then a crossfade to bring the action back to full screen. Utilizing the show on program feature of the TC1, in this case we show on ME1. I don't want a wipe on the out transition because it could block something I am trying to show. What I would like to do is automate using a comp to bring the smaller live PIP to full screen on the ME, then switch off the ME and reset for the next replay.

I have the ability to right click on a given clip, select automation and then pick a macro to execute at the start or end of a clip. I am able to achieve the setup I want with this but have hit a snag, this configuration is per clip, and not on the DDR with the rest of the automation option (when an input is on program, has tally, leaves program/tally etc).

I also tried to record a macro of me configuring a clip to see if I could get that done via a macro ie: the replay macro prepares the clips and applies the macro before playing it but the macro I record shows now actions other than the clip selection.

Any of the NewTek folks able to offer a macro command that would allow me to set the end action to a given macro automagically? I couldn't figure out a way to do it using the "global" options in the automation section for DDR1/2. I was able to take action when the DDR comes on via a program tally macro but the end action I want to fire is dictated by the clip ending and it not going off of program but rather animating it off with a comp.

The replays are not always a consistent length so I wasn't able to just program a single macro to do all the steps.