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Thread: Does this converter convert frame rates?

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    Does this converter convert frame rates?

    So we just got SlingStudio (not my choice) and we are trying to tie in the wireless feed from the hub into our TC1 as an input. So it ideally should work like Hub-HDMI cable-HDMI to SDI converter-SDI cable-Tricaster. But I'm pretty sure SlingStudio only pushes out full frame rates (60 fps) when the TC1 only accepts fractional frame rates (59.94 fps). So essentially will this converter solve my problem or does anyone know of a converter out there that fixes this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, that decimator will make appropriate conversions. However, I'm not so sure your problem is correctly identified. Based on my experiences connecting laptops directly to Tricasters using 'dumb' converters, I think the TC1 should handle 60fps just fine.
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