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Thread: DP Light in 2019

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    DP Light in 2019

    I noticed I didn't have DP Lights as an option so got the which was updated last month. When I try to add any of the DP items though, I get a message of Incorrect Version. Do they not work with 2019?
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    No, sorry, LW2018-2019 needs a specific version, new process.

    Since I got a few requests for those lights, but didn't replied individually,
    I would say, that I worked again one week ago, but I have still 'no go' issues,
    sadly its a pain actually to progress with feedback agent, I even got failures with it,
    of course waiting for months to get a reply is not motivating.

    Since like for shading, there are obviously dead ends in the SDK doc,
    shortly I think that a developer who has no chance to be in the first or second circle,
    would see a good preamble in the SDK doc, to understand how in LW,
    a simple (simplistic?) function is now exploded in dozens of functions
    with a lot of interactivity and undefined concepts, not explicit by themselves.

    Not a secret to say that DP Lights have been developed in the second circle,
    side by side with native LW Lights, but for 'obscures' reasons,
    ...still not 'clarified' for me, I'm in the now.

    I don't enjoy to speak like this,
    I would appreciate that again one or more persons
    belonging to these honorable circles give me a good lesson
    to communicate properly.


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    I would love to see DP Lights in 2019. I said this some time ago when 2018 came out and got all the usual suspects saying, "Why do you want it when you have all of this in 2018". Firstly we had a dome light in 2015 but i always liked they way Denis dome light worked more than LW native dome light. Its not just about having already gotten something its also about the way its implemented and the features in it. LW has a bevel tool which i have never used after getting Bevel ++, why because Bevel ++ was a better implementation of it.
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    Thanks for the quick reply and clarification Denis. Also sorry to hear your plight. This isn't the first time I've heard back from 3rd party developers & issues with the SDK.
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    Hopefully Chuck will see this and step in. There always seems to be a certain amount of disarray with LW/Newtek organizationally and it seems ever so present from the remarks above. Really how hard could it be to have a contact person stated in the docs that any 3rd party dev could contact for any reason.
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