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Thread: LW stereoscopic rendering question

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    LW stereoscopic rendering question

    Hello, everyone!

    I've been working on a stereoscopic project in LW. I was wondering, is there a way to tell the renderer to only render, say, the Left eye view. Then later on, when things are approved, render out the Right eye view.

    Currently, I've been rendering a single, mono, view for the client for approval purposes. But this is done by simply turning off the "Stereoscopic Rendering" checkbox in the Camera Properties panel. Then the 'Center' (the actual LW camera) camera renders, but it is not the Left or Right view.

    A checkbox in the Render Properties panel would be nice.

    The only other thing I can think of would be to make a 'manual' stereoscopic rig in LW.

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    Not what you asked for, but with a cheap Google cardboard, Google Daydream or Samsung GearVR headset, you can review/approve the 3D effect too, anywhere with anyone.

    The VR camera mentions something about image filter settings, since there is both 2D 360 and 3D 360 output (the manual says), no idea if it works for regular cameras. If not, it sounds like an easy feature request.


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