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Thread: TC1 and NDI cam App Android

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    TC1 and NDI cam App Android

    Hi Guys,

    We're doing a Multi cam production with TC1 and NC1 I/O. As a new feature I wanted to include a Huawei P30 with NDI camera app into the production. In standard bandwith (SD) all is fine. When I switch to high bandwith mode, the channel on tc1 went black. Now here is the clue! When I cut the Huawei to Programm, the Picture is there. I mean everywhere. On pmg, on the channel, on all multiviewers. As I cut another cam to pgm, the channel is black again. So at the moment I have a camera, which I can't prewiew. Do you have any idea? By the way on the I/O it is the same. On NDI Studio monitor I get the Picture any time...Any idea?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    I'm sorry, but US export regulatory controls being what they are at this moment, our Compliance Policy does not allow us to reply to support questions involving Huawei devices.
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