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Thread: LW2019 offline help documentation status?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwiede View Post
    If that was the actual customer support response, that's terrible (but others have received similar replies in past, so unfortunately, it's believable). The phrasing and tone show a complete lack of respect for customers.

    Was that a direct quote?
    Yes, if that's NewTek's original answer it would be very unprofessional communication indeed. Unthinkable in my line of work.

    It's understandable that online help is easier to maintain but many users prefer offline pdf help. But LightWave's online help is not even context sensitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpont View Post
    As a workaround,
    It is possible to aspire the LWdoc web site with HTTtrack,
    but probably huge (~1Go or more), depends of broadband speed,
    lot of attachments, pdf etc...
    Could be also somehow purged for a lighter version.

    Yep. I would've tried this.
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