Phil Nolan made a little vid on the new physical sky and making stars with maps etc,
I made a little respons on it since I think the physical sky doesnīt seem to behave in a physical correct way, and also it seems to lack proper connection with the location settings from pick location, in fact not working with it, instead you need sunspot modifier.

My response...

"I am a bit skeptical to the correctness of the physical sky. First of, it seems you can not match the location with the main light (sunlight) that you have in the scene, and also, any change in azimuth and elevation doesnīt affect the main sunlights rotation at all, meaning you have no real use of the location and the sunlight together. Once you choose the mainlight as the item for the physical sky, instead of the (sol) it will be more correct, but then you can not use any location settings. The manual says using sunlight with sunspot modifier, which is different from the physical sky location panel, to mee it just is confusing they made it this way. The sunspot modifier is old and doesnīt have all locations the new physical sky has either. Apart from that, I think the default settings for the physical sky doesnīt feel right, as for this is what we would see in real life brightness of the sky etc, it looks way overblown bright in default settings.
Also.. if I take a snapshot of our sky at midsummers eve here in stockholm at 23:00, the sky would still be bright almost at midnight, while setting that time and location with physical will only turn out dark. So I am skeptical about calling it Physical sky in the level of true accuracy..