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Thread: Non NT Question

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    Non NT Question

    I am trying to find out what type of system do they use where the speaker has those earplugs on. Wanted a way for the speaker to monitor his speech and for me to talk to him.


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    You are looking for an IFB system. There are some cheaper ways to cheat it if you don't exactly need a full-fledged system, but in general you are after an IFB base station (wired or wireless) and a talent earpiece (and receiver if necessary).

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    If you are looking for a simple and affordable way to do this stuff just think out the box a little bit. One thing I did at a local college was have our sideline reporter wear a set of wireless earbuds connected to a 1/4 to Bluetooth adapter. She had a range of about 50ft-75ft which should be plenty on a stage. Also check out this site, they have several custom built solutions that work along with other existing comm systems or allow you to use regular audio equipment vs expensive comm solutions.


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