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Thread: TriCaster Mini SDI with BM Studio Camera 4K

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    TriCaster Mini SDI with BM Studio Camera 4K

    Is there any magic way of taking advantage of this camera's 4K resolution? I'm not interested in streaming 4K, only in maintaining good image quality when virtual zooming. When shooting in 4K for post-production for HD exporting, we have the ability to push in up to 200% without losing image quality. I'm wondering if there is any kind of in-line processor between the camera and the TriCaster Mini SDI that would allow us to take advantage of 4K camera resolution?
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    When Premium Access is available for TriCaster Mini, you will be able to do this with a Spark Plus or Spark Pro (or other 4K/UHD NDI capture). Premium Access will give you the Pan and Scan feature that will allow region of interest extraction from a 4K source.
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