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Thread: 6 GeForce 1080 Video Cards Used For Bitcoin Mining --Yes? No? Maybe?

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    6 GeForce 1080 Video Cards Used For Bitcoin Mining --Yes? No? Maybe?

    On a Facebook local (I can drive there) tag sale group, someone's offering 6 GeForce 1080 video cards, with cage and power supply, used "for only a few months" for Bitcoin mining, for $2000.

    Does crypotocurrency mining "burn out" video cards, or is that an Urban Legend?

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    You need test it before you buy (Octane benchmark for example). I have a used cards and it's working perfect.

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    i wouldnt touch em but go for it

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    I think bitcoin is controlled by the germans and the chinese...

    I like the germans and the chinese but is facebook a blockCHAIn?


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    A RTX2070 card is faster than a GTX1080 even without using the RTX cores and priced at around $550 (in my area).

    Octane and Redshift already started using RTX / Optix which can make rendering multie times faster depending on the scene.

    For the fact that the GTX10xx card are outdated and that the used cards could fail quicker than new ones I would not buy them.
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    HOLD on that.... I can't say why.

    And YES 24/7 with no rest... Nvidia returns where big

    in the early days of 1080's

    JUST HOLD 4 NOW (Thats ALL)
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