Back in the days before genlock you would bring your next camera up on preview and then cut/transition to it to allow the switcher to align the cameras. These days most switchers have frame syncs to make sure each input's frames are starting at the same time for clean cuts at the expense of adding 1 frame of latency to the pipeline etc.

I am looking to use fiber for some long distance runs when we do IMAG with the TC-1. Currently when we do IMAGI use Genlock with my Canon XF-305s and disable the frame syncs and we are able to do a projection that lines up close enough to audio to pass inspection. If the frame syncs are on the delay is large enough that people see the gap between video and audio and someone moving has a visible delay.

I am now being asked to do setups that require longer and longer camera runs that are beyond SDI and turn me to fiber and the solutions I have seen don't allow for genlock analog signals etc.

So, any issue with disabling the frame syncs and just making sure I don't hot cut on the program row? I plan to do some testing but wanted to ask here as well.