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Thread: Tricaster 460 - Disapointing in Streaming Mode

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    Tricaster 460 - Disapointing in Streaming Mode

    Tricaster 460 used to stream High School graduation. Stream failed with no notification or indication. Almost entire first hour lost on live feed, Bah Humbug! Serious design flaw since there is no way to monitor IP stream at remote site.

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    I understand you are frustrated by the failed stream, but there are many reasons why a stream could fail in many areas. Could be TriCaster, could be network, could be streaming service.

    Help us to help you. What software version are you running on the 460? Where were you streaming to, like FaceBook, YouTube, what? Any details that you can provide will help to figure out what happened and how to try and avoid similar issues in the future.


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    If the event was on June 2, we also were streaming a HS graduation.

    YouTube failed across the country right as the ceremony was about to start.

    They claimed it was due to high load but other news reports indicated that there was potentially hacking involved.

    Fritz Golman


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