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Thread: AE3 Virtual Set Camera presets (and CS errata)

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    AE3 Virtual Set Camera presets (and CS errata)

    I have searched everywhere and have had discussions with tech support. Still have no solution to one of my most used tools from 2.5 with a 450CS.
    I used to be able to setup camera positions in virtual sets and recall them with one button on the 450 CS. In AE3 that control seems to be only in the software. Having it on the control surface is much more useful.
    And a secondary request. Now that AE3 has remapped half the keys on the 450CS, what is the best way to rename the physical keys? Anyone make a sticker set? New buttons?

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    Can you record a macro for each virtual camera preset, and then assign those macros to CS keys?

    Also, please see recent thread about third-party creating updated keycaps here:

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    There were some notable issues with various CS mappings in the current release of AE3. Actually, this is not one of them, but I will leverage this post to add some broader explanatory remarks.

    AE3 is, for most intents, identical to the TC1/VMC1 software, having originally been designed for those platforms. Internally, this is version 7-0. Later, for a number of good reasons (and after extensive testing to determine compatibility), the decision was made to extend 7-0 support to the older XD series systems, which had previously been restricted to version 5-1 or earlier.

    With regards to control surfaces, this called for some tough decisions. Ultimately, and without getting into fine detail, the plan was that since the older 450/460 CS, 850/860 CS and 8000CS are physically quite similar to the TC1 SP and TC1 LP, respectively, the AE3 CS maps would conform to those. This would mean that there would be no difference between using, for example, a 450CS or a TC1 SP with a TriCaster 460, or 8000 - if you ignore button labels. Happy, happy, joy joy, one ring to rule them all, great plan - ship it!

    Of course, you know what they say about plans ...

    We carefully warned people about the changes to button functions in the "What's New" doc that is presented on installing AE3. That doc urges users to review the CS section of the manual, wherein they would learn that the mapping of their older surfaces in AE3 would conform to the mapping of the newer surfaces. Admittedly, this results in a labeling issue, but on the other hand it's a whole new software version with a lot of new functionality, and at least the old surfaces - some of which had been with us for quite a long time - worked, providing access to many of the new features; this approach also delivers a reasonable measure of consistency across all platforms running 7-0. I could continue with both pros and cons of this approach, but let's move on....

    First problem: no-one (well, hardly anyone) reads anything longer than a Tweet any more. Many blew right by the What's New doc with its warning about remapping. Much distress ensues. For example, although the 8000CS layout corresponds quite nicely with the TC1 LP, and the buttons are mapped identically and have the same functions in AE3, if you don't know that, it will bite you.

    The second problem (going by the order in which I encountered them) turned up a bit later, and affects only the 860/860 series surfaces. In planning, it escaped notice that - unlike the otherwise quite similar 450 CS - this surface has 8 buttons in its M/E (or VI on some older units) Delegate buttons. When development realized this, they solved the problem by adopting the assignments of a similar group on the (larger) TC1 LP. Problem solved ... except that this inadvertently resulted in two new problems which both 'evaded capture' before release: One, there were now undocumented features assigned to buttons labeled "M/E delegate" 1-4. Two, the buttons labeled 5-8 now actually delegated M/Es 1-4, with SHIFT + 5-8 used to delegate M/Es 5-8. So now we've got two problems - first, the manual misstates details for the 850 CS, and second the mapping of this group is, to be generous, 'unnecessarily obscure'. Both of the issues should be fixed in the next incremental release.

    Which brings us to the 450 CS. It was already the case that the Switcher row layout in 5-1 did not match the labeling of the oldest version surfaces out there. We comforted ourselves that users of the advanced version can remap Switcher rows, so there's a solution, which also applies in 7-0. However, as mentioned earlier, the AE3 docs state that (by default) the Switcher button order on a 450 CS would conform to TC1 SP layout. Somehow, the config file for this surface was not updated in this manner. This is problematic, because this file is shared by both XD and TC1 platforms; this means that at the moment a brand new TC1 SP must actually be remapped (using the Control Surface add-on applet) to correspond to the default mapping described in docs.

    OK, enough painful history - let's talk about fixes:

    • Generally, it remains true that 'right-hand' function mapping of the older surfaces conforms to the newer TC1 SP and LP. This should include the ability to recall M/E Comps, which is what the OP asked about.

    • Switcher rows, as necessary, can be manually remapped by the end user using the Control Surface applet, as discussed above.

    • In an upcoming version, the inconsistencies discussed above have all been addressed.

    • As well, in that upcoming version, the Control Surface applet has been updated to support import and export of CS configurations. This app supports remapping the Switcher rows (only), so you will be able to choose between the (default) TC1 SP/LP style mapping, the older layout, or something uniquely your own.

    There are one or two other items I could mention, but these are the main items worth covering.
    Regards, Steve
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