One of our locations last year upgraded from the 425 to 3P1. We run our program into 1 input, 2 SDI cameras into inputs 2 & 3, and an RF SDI camera into the 4th input.

We have never had any problems with the 425 but the 3P1 has a problem with accepting the input from the RF camera. When there is signal break up on the RF the 3Play unit will stop and start recording - and when the signal gets really intermittent the unit will stop/start repeatedly until the signal improves. I have found a bit of a workaround by running the SDI signal from the RF camera into our switcher and feeding the signal out of an AUX output to the 3P1. The switcher substitutes black when signal loss occurs keeping the 3P1 happy most of the time but not reliably enough to completely rid us of the problem.

Recently we installed a 3P1 in another of our locations and have the exact same problem.

This didn't happen with the 3Play 425 units, they happily recorded whatever they were being sent. I have tried multiple software versions on the 3P1 with no difference in their performance.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this, and do you have any suggestions?