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Thread: End-to-end closed captions support

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    End-to-end closed captions support


    Closed captioning for live sporting events is getting more popular, and closer and closer to a federal FCC/ADA mandate for live streaming (currently only mandated for linear over-the-air and cable/satellite broadcasts).
    It's quite unfortunate that no Newtek product currently supports any form of CLOSED captions. Any video source with embedded closed captions has the captions stripped when they enter a Tricaster or a 3Play.
    That means that any captioning has to happen after the video leaves the Tricaster/3Play, and then it cannot be recorded or streamed on those machines.

    If I have a live sports broadcast that gets fully captioned (608 708), I cannot use that content to create post-game melts or highlights packages on my 3Play, because the captions will be stripped out.
    That's unfortunate, and makes our equipment less functional.

    Since this is 2019, and CC is only going to become more of an issue moving forward, I request that embedded 608 708 captions over SDI and H.264 be supported on Tricaster, 3Play, NDI, etc.


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