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    Quote Originally Posted by wingzeta View Post
    Two free plugins would help you to knock out this model in no time at all. Px_Bezier and Px_UVCreeper. You can probably find them with a search of these forums, if not just ask, and someone is likely to upload them pretty quickly. Px Bezier allows you to easily create pipes, with segments as seen in that video I linked to earlier. You can also taper at least one end, then you could cut in half and mirror to get a taper at each end. UV Creeper allows you to UV unwrap pipes, tubes and the like perfectly with about three clicks. Then you can map a texture of actual worm skin cut out from a good photo, and you are basically done. Take a little time to figure out these plugins, because you will be able to knock this out literally in minutes if you do.
    I am not sure that would be quite correct, Px_bezier doesn´t do that kind of ribbing as I am aware of, he should use extrude plus, I just noticed that one was down from artsphere´s site.
    Edit...the link is just missing in the main download page, you need to go to extrude plus page solely and there the download link is available...

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