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Thread: TC1 stopped viewing NDI sources in UI (works with studio monitor, same workstation)

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    TC1 stopped viewing NDI sources in UI (works with studio monitor, same workstation)

    I've had this issue intermittently where my TC1 would no longer "see" NDI sources from our NC1 IO, unless I restart the NC1. Now, after running an update on the TC1, it no longer sees any NDI devices. It is, however, still connected to the previously selected source from the NC1 and is passing a/v from that source. If I exit the TC1 and open Studio Monitor, I see all NDI devices as expected. Does anyone have any ideas??? If it works with Studio Monitor, I'd think there aren't any OS settings interfering with this--seems the TC1 is at fault somehow.

    I'm open to any suggestions.

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    I would suggest opening a support case
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    I am having this same issue too since the last updates. Very frustrating to say the least.
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    I have a similar issue, and am still on the previous TC1 release, except with systems running scan converter and virtual input. I restart virtual input and all NDI sources show up on the TC1 again. Never happens on my 460. I've had a support case open on this for around 3 weeks. I can see all the NDI sources from Studio Monitor from the TC1 even though they aren't showing up as inputs (until I restart virtual input).
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