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    We are using a SlingStudio for the next six months while our sanctuary is being remodeled. I drop the MP4 (H.264 video and AAC audio) file into SpeedEdit and I am getting horrible audio, it's really low and some popping). Any suggestions?

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    How does it sound in other software? Like VLC Player?

    If is it bad in VLC Player, then it might be how the audio got recorded. Otherwise, if VLC playback is good, perhaps convert the MP4 into another format to see if that works better in SpeedEdit?

    Here is some free conversion software you can try.
    Kane Peterson
    Solutions Architect
    NewTek, Inc.

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    Thanks Kane, but it sounds good on my Mac. I convert it to .mov in QuickTime and Adobe Premier, both still sound fine on my mac. Copy it over and drop the file into SpeedEdit and the popping/hickuping is back.

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    It is a sound card issue? Up to date sound card drivers? Did you try it on VLC on the same PC?
    Kane Peterson
    Solutions Architect
    NewTek, Inc.


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