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Thread: Making a TriCaster be able to Stream on Microsoft Office 365

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    Making a TriCaster be able to Stream on Microsoft Office 365

    My employer with 5,000 + employees now uses Office 365 which has web streaming capabilities. However, the TriCaster and Office 365 are not compatible. I was told by the great and fast service ticket people here, "Currently it is not possible to stream using Office 365. They have an RTMP server url, but no stream ID and that is required to get RTMP streams to work on the TriCaster."

    Is it possible to get this fixed? I am sure as more people and companies use Office 365 there will be more demand.

    As it is now I have to go through a HDMI/XLR to USB box (AV Bridge) which seriously downgrades the signal quality and feed a laptop that is running Office 365. Yes, it works, but it is very sad to see the beautiful images of the Sony BRC-H800 HD PTZ cameras on the TriCaster 460 program out monitor and then log into the stream on another laptop as an attendee and see the very 1990ish mediocre Y/C looking image.

    Thanks, James
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    Hi James,

    Not familiar with Office 365, but can Office 365 use a webcam as a video source? If you are using the laptop to stream Office 365, perhaps you can run the free NDI Virtual Input app on the laptop and insert the TriCaster Program output into 365 via NDI? This would eliminate the AV Bridge setup and maintain quality, if it is supported.

    Worth checking out

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    Am researching what to do in our area with the same tools.
    Curious to see where this goes.
    Robert Wilson, MA Deaf Ed.
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    Copy and paste the following settings into the encoder of your choice:

    a. Server ingest URL: In your encoder, this may be called URL or Address. Microsoft Stream does not require a stream key or name, so you can fill this in with any non-empty value such as MicrosoftStream.
    taken from here

    so basically you could write wibble into the box and it would work. Equally you could write Boom-Boom-Pow-Mothers-Got-A-Brand-New-Cow

    Both would work.

    It's not a tricaster issue or a microsoft issue, it just requires a non-empty value, this seems to be a Microsoft thing. I've not tested, but I can see no good reason why it wouldn't work as documented.
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