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Thread: Chroma key processing impact video quality?

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    Chroma key processing impact video quality?

    I may not have done a very good job of explaining my ongoing dilemma with getting a good green screen set.

    When we are doing a show, I've noticed the "real" stuff in the show, like the talent, isn't as crisp as the background that is keyed in. The talent appears to be a little soft or dull in the image. The virtual background looks very crisp and clear. It's not a huge difference, but it has been pointed out to me by others as well, so it is noticeable.

    Could there be an issue with the processing that's happing inside the Tricaster that is causing problems? Could a setting be off?

    If I can't figure out a solution, I will likely have to abandon the green screen set and build something real. Unfortunately, I have quite a bit of money sunk into this green screen setup, so I don't want to do that.


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    Is it your camera?
    Have you tried any of the sample green screen footage that comes with the Tricaster?
    Do you see the same thing?
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    I usually get fuzzy results when the tolerance and other settings are not dialed in, the more even your chroma color is the lower you can put these extra options in the configuration for a cleaner key. I get them as low as possible to where I can still see what is trying to be keyed out then back up a notch. The default settings are usually more than needed if my background is evenly lighted.

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    One problem is that you are using very sharp, high contrast digital backgrounds, while your cameras are quite soft and low contrast. You might get better results by blurring the backgrounds slightly, while adding more contrast and saturation to the cameras.

    Also, the Tricaster keying and processing isn’t really that good. Our clients were complaining about the quality and we tried everything to improve it. We finally gave up, invested in another system and all our keying and color problems “magically” disappeared. The quality difference isn’t subtle at all. Even non-technical clients are commenting on the dramatic quality improvement. I won’t mention the name of the system on this forum, but feel free to contact me privately...


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