Thought I'd ask this in a new thread to get a few more eyes.

I've been reworking my library of Daz assets into Lightwave. A recent one has water & I finally got the surface to have moving ripples. The displacement has to be used in the Object Panel & not the surface. Anyway, got RayCast to work for "bobbing" of an object but it's really twitchy when adding the compound node mentioned in Dueces 2013 Siggraph vid for LW 11.6 in order to get tilting motion as well.

There's only about 1/3 the options in that early version compared to what we have now. Wiki2019 is pretty skimpy on the details & explanation (I know, how rare), so might there more current vids squirreled away, or a written "Programmer-to-Earth-English" guide of some sort? Are some of the 3rd Party Tools better for this sort of thing? Oddly, I didn't find any nodes presets with the 2019 install so copied earlier ones I found.

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