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Thread: Error Processing.NDI.lib.x64.dll Exception thrown.

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    Error Processing.NDI.lib.x64.dll Exception thrown.

    I'm currently working on encoding and managing NDI feeds with SDKs and I am experiencing an error that I have not corrected.
    The error is as follows:
    Exception thrown at 0x00007FFD9FD72990 (Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll) in NDIManagement.exe: 0xC0000005: Access Violation while reading location 0x00000280C1AAB060.
    I try to circumvent the exception or change my way of proceeding impossible to solve this.
    The error is due to the return declaration of the video_frame stream with "NDIlib_send_send_v2(pNDI, &video_frame)" No matter how the program crashes with this error after 300 frame send.
    If anyone has a solution to my problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theokoel View Post
    If anyone has a solution to my problem?
    Without you posting some of the code, no.

    However, the usual problem with this is that the pointer you pass as the video_frame's p_data parameter doesn't actually point to the beginning of the frame data - or, that the FourCC code or stride don't match the actual layout, so the encoder is reading past the end of valid memory.

    If you're using Windows bitmaps, a "gotcha" that we found is that bitmap scanlines are typically ordered "backwards" in memory - so passing the address of scanline zero is actually near the end of the memory block, not the start!

    A neat workaround for this is to pass a negative value for "line_stride_in_bytes" to the send_video function.

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