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Thread: Using Spark and Point to Point bridges

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    Using Spark and Point to Point bridges

    Last weekend I connected my PTZ Optics camera running the NDI HX firmware upgrade to a set of ubiquiti nano stations and used it as a centerfied shot for softball. It worked great and had very little latency! I was also able to control it from the switcher. I previously had used a similar setup but instead of using my PTZ camera, I used a regular camera and connected a HDMI to Lan converter both on the send and receive ends. This resulted in almost a full second of latency.

    I would like to use the point to point solution with a real camera from the end zone of a football game. Probably 200 feet away or so. Well within the point to point range. My question is whether there would be a significant delay if I used a Spark vs using that HDMI to Lan connection sending the signal over the ubiquiti point to point bridge? The Spark is NDI HX like my PTZ is but would there be any significant latency added getting the HDMI signal to the spark?

    Also, would the Spark pro provide full NDI and if so would that be faster or slower than NDI HX?
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