Hi folks,
I used to be able to set Net 1 to record in the record menu as one video recording. That way I could
record all the Power Points by themselves while I was recording the program mix.
FOr some reason, it records the first slide or frame only.???
The slide changes record fine in the mixed program output.

I have had to resort to setting one of the outputs to NET1 then set it to record the output (2 or 3) to get the same result.
But i never had to do that before. I could just go to the record menu and set it to record a stream coming from NET1.

I checked to see if setting other inputs to record in the record menu and all the other inputs work fine. Just not NET1 or NET2

This is using the standard iVGA utility.
WOndered it anyone else had that problem.

Still on AE1.